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2019-2020 School Supplies Made Easy

Dreading that time in August when you travel from store to store searching for school supplies?  

Let the PTO do the shopping for you!  Fill in the form below and submit to the PTO by June 30, 2019, and a bag of grade-appropriate school supplies will be waiting for your student on the first day of school!  

Please note that pricing is based on the retail value of the school supplies.  

The PTO’s profit comes from discounts provided by bulk’s a win-win proposition!


***If you are purchasing supplies for mulitple children:  Enter the required information for one child, add to your cart, then return to the School Supplies Made Easy tab to enter the next child separately***


Please note: You will be responsible for bringing in t-shirts for art, tennis shoes for PE, backpacks and ear buds for 4th graders. These items are not included.  

Paper towels, Kleenex, baby wipes and antibacterial wipes ARE included, as are all “optional” items.  The 2019-2020 supply list includes a $3 charge for a 10 in 1 Plus Folder system.  This item IS included in the price for grade 3.



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