About Us

  • The Grosse Pointe School district was formed in January 1922. 

  • They bought some land at Kercheval and Cadieux to build an elementary school.  This land had no buildings on it. 

  • In 1928 it was considered as a site for a junior high school, but due to disagreement, the board changed its mind to the original plan to build an elementary school there.

  • Students and teachers first came to Lewis E. Maire Elementary School on October 20, 1936.

  • Tennis courts had also been completed in what is now the Kroger parking lot right next to Maire.  They were ready to use in the fall of 1937.

  • In June of 1939 the school board sold the Kercheval Avenue side of the Maire school property for $155,000.  This is where stores were built.

  • Students staged their first major dramatic and musical presentation in the new auditorium.  The show was Hansel and Gretel.

  • Sports were a big part of life for Maire boys from the beginning.  In the fall of 1937, the boys of the immediate neighborhood organized a football team which practiced and held Saturday games on the Maire field.  They were coached by a student from the high school.

  • In the fifties, the students and the PTA had many fashion shows.

  • In 1949-1950 the Maire population rose dramatically.  We had 431 students in Maire.  Currently there are just over 300 students.

  • In the fall of 1941 the school decided they needed a song so in early 1943 they had a contest and Jerry Allen won. 

This has been adapted by 5th grader Meg G. from Maire Through the Years by Nancy Wiggers, Ph. D.; October, 1986